Violet in Freetown 2003

Freetown 2003

[img src=]450Violet Roberts
Violet visiting Mr & Mrs Jah Wills in Payne Street, Freetown
[img src=]460Violet Roberts & Grandchildren
Arthur (Left), Violet (Middle) and Lemeulla (right)
[img src=]360Violet and Sister-in-law
Violet and Mrs Lettia Ayo Bultman
[img src=]360Violet and her brother
Violet and Hector Bultman
[img src=]310Violet and her cousin
Violet and Mrs Elfreda Ayodele Scott
[img src=]290Violet and Sister-in-law
Violet and Mrs Janet Aina Bultman
[img src=]300Violet and Sisters-in-law
Mrs Ester Juno (Standing), Mrs Janet Aina Bultman (left) and Mrs Lettia Ayo Bultman (right)
[img src=]280Violet and her brothers
Eric S.J. Bultman (Left), Hector R.S. Bultman (right)
[img src=]280Violet Roberts
Visiting Mrs Eunice Pearce at 10 Alcock Street
[img src=]300Violet Roberts
Mrs Eunice Pearce at No. 10 Alcock Street offering prayers for Violet
[img src=]260Violet Roberts
With tenants No. 3 Devere Street (Left) Mrs Forson, and Mr & Mrs Metzger (standing)