Violet in Freetown

Photos from Freetown

[img src=]570Violet Roberts & Alex Blake
Violet Roberts & Alex Blake on his graduation in December 1990 at Fourah Bay College University of Sierra Leone
[img src=]500Violet Roberts
[img src=]370Violet Roberts
Violet taken at the annual Thompson/Bultman family outing at the SOS village Lumley
[img src=]370Violet Roberts
Violet taken at home 3 Devere Street, Freetown
[img src=]350Violet Roberts
Violet Roberts taken preparing for the annual christmas treat to the neighbourhood in Freetown
[img src=]330Violet Roberts
Violet Roberts passport photo taken 1976
[img src=]320Violet Roberts
Violet Roberts taken after church service, picture taken in 1974
[img src=]270